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The “short version” of How to Write and Edit Your MEMOIRS

Author: Lois F. Roets Ed.D.

The facts and stories (memories) of your life will help you remember key events and your response to these events.
This Short Version may help you.

As you write information, you select and relive memories. If you share your stories and memories with others, you pass on your legacy and values. Readers will feel your strength and courage. These help us to live each day fully, with purpose, and with love.

These are your stories and memories.
Let others write their own memoirs.

Directions: Use A-D as guides. OR, Complete E and add as much of A-D as you wish.

A. Facts of my Life:

  1. I am the son/daughter of (your parents) __, born on date __, at (location) __.
  2. I was told that, as a baby, I (stories others tell about me) ......
  3. My siblings are ........
  4. Extended family that were a part of my early life were.....

B. Early Memories

  1. My first memory is...
  2. As a child, I liked ...
  3. A memory of me and my mother is ...
  4. A memory of me and my father is ...
  5. A memory of me and my siblings is.... or My memory of each of my siblings is ....
  6. Games I played ....
  7. Historical event that I first remember...
  8. An early memory/story I like to recall ...

C. Youth into Adult Years

  1. Jobs I had and what benefit each had for me.
  2. School classes, activities, and benefits.
  3. My friends and how they influenced me.
  4. I describe my basic personality as (list several descriptors.
    Examples: energetic, indifferent, ambitious etc)
  5. Mistake I made - or almost made - or was afraid I'd make.
  6. A memory/story of early adult years I can share with others.

D. Important Decisions that have made me who I am today.

  1. Biggest decisions I made were.... . Include those that were "great" and/or "not-go-great."
  2. The decision that required the greatest courage/motivation was ...
  3. The person who helped me a lot in life is/was ....
  4. Because of my experiences, I developed these commandments...... (list one or several)
    Your commandments are learned through mistakes or good choices you made.
  5. A story/memory I like to share is..... (List as many as you wish)
  6. How do you want to be remembered? Tombstone identification? Eulogy? Recipe? Career?

E. "If little is remembered of me, let it be this ...."

A photo or two would be nice, - especially a photo that shows your
facial features and hands - for faces and hands reveal character.
Add a handwritten note or copy of an important letter.
What is written may not be as important as seeing your handwriting.

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