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Newspaper Columns

A Word to the Wise: Selected Newspaper Columns

Selected columns, 554 newspaper articles, to counsel, inform, reflect and gain perspective.
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Word to the Wise: General Interest

Including... How Old Are You? The Value of Zero. What Makes a Friend? Don't Kill Your Dreams! & Memories.

Word to the Wise: Special Days

Including... A Happy, Productive, New Year! Be My Valentine. Graduation: The End-Product? Someone Has To Watch The Parade! Christmas - Every Day?

Word to the Wise: Democracy and Government  

Includes: Political Power. Right to Vote. Government: How Much? Someone Has to Watch the Parade! Publicity: Too Much, Too Little? Row or Rock the Boat? Who Wins Wars? Ballots or Bullets? Conscience Is Not Majority Rule. Government. The Power of Fishing. Rules of Speech in Election Years. Whose Opinion Is It? Who Is Doing the Dishes;Who Pays Taxes? Basic Skills of the Worker. Honor Old Glory. Wounded Soldiers. Honest Abe. Capital and Labor. The Activist. Music to Live By.

Word to the Wise: Love, Friendship, Marriage  

Includes: Friendship, Good Deeds: A Hidden Stream. Happiness Is Strawberry Jam. Praise: Success Shared. People-builders and People-Wreckers. Marriage Strength - Together, Not Alike. Marriage Is a Covered Dish. Is Marriage Viable? Home Is an Anchor. Mrriage: A Long Conversation that Seems Too Short. The Value of Tears! Silence is Golden! Love Is Blind but Jealousy Sees too much. One Path to a Happy Marriage. I'm Sorry... Just Listen. Home Is... Tiny Threads, Not Chains. Where Does Love Look?:

Word to the Wise: Education and Learning

Includes: Ignorance Is a Tragedy. Education for the Taking. Children" Unfolded, Not Molded. Enjoy Studying! Philosophers Ask Why. Yes, You Will Fail. Home Is an Anchor. Graduation: the End-Product? Basic Skills of the Worker. Power of Words.

Word to the Wise: Passages in Life  

Includes: Memories. Make Your Own Tracks. Beauty with Age! "If I Could Choose..." Yesterday or Today? The Path to Wisdom. When Age Counts. Your Diary Grows With You. Coping with Sorry. "If Only I Had..." The Needs of Old Age. Adolescence: What is It? Forgiveness. Friends. Psychiatry Without a Degree.

Word to the Wise: Nature and Seasons  

Includes: The Spiral of Living. Good Deeds: A Hidden Stream. Money Can't Buy. Whether the Weather? Spring Will Come. The Family Tree. Flowers Are Great. Trees: Master Teachers. Creative Rest.

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