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For Grandchildren

Lois & Philip Roets on their wedding day - June 7, 1969
Philip & Lois Roets
Wedding, June 7, 1969

In 2015, to remember and honor Phil's legacy, Lois Roets compiled
"For Grandchildren"
from Phil's writings and attitudes as recorded in journals.
Philip G. Roets. 1921-2002. Lois F. (Schelle) Roets. 1937 .....

You inherited us by birth
but you have a choice to accept us.

Life and love are gifts; use them wisely.

You are lucky. You have parents who love you,
feed you,
provide a home for you,
want the best for you.
They aren't perfect but neither are you.

Be good boys and girls.
Respect and appreciate your parents.
Be strong in body and spirit.

As you get older, you will be tempted by bad people but
you must choose good people and follow good ideas.

Stand up for your own rights and respect rights of others.

Choose girl and boy friends carefully for they will shape your life.

When your time comes to be a teacher or lawyer, husband/wife

and father/mother, make these decisions carefully.

Learn many skills - from people and books.
Take pride in your work. There is dignity in labor.

Be responsible for yourself.
Keep a roof over your head and bread on your table.

Enjoy nature and live cooperatively with it.

When you are discouraged or tired, or tempted to do bad things,

ask me for help to make good choices.
I have ways I can help if you are willing to accept help.

Tell me your hopes, fears and joys.
I can guide your thinking even though I am dead.
The dead can communicate with the living if both
the dead and living want to communicate.

I taught boys & girls your age, college men & women, and adult men & women. I was a child, a student, a priest, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend, a dad and a husband. So I have many experience with many ages or situations you tell me about. I can guide your thinking but you, and you alone, make decisions. You are responsible for yourself.

The value of life is the service you give.

To love and be loved is the greatest blessing of your life.
Love is both selfish and unselfish. It is selfish because you want to be loved.
It is unselfish because, sometimes, happiness and well-being of others are
more important than yours.

You have much life to live.
Live it as you see fit: fully, joyfully, responsibly.

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