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Gems from "Word to Wise" Newspaper Columns (WW)

You cannot afford the harm that comes to you from negative feelings. Forgiveness restores the right order. (ww.1)

Violence is the waste of human resources with no adequate return. (ww.2)

Weigh your words as your most precious commodity. (ww.3)

Prompt gratitude is the act of a mature person. (ww.4)

Silence is golden if it is the laboratory for new strength, new ideas, renewed ambition and deep joy. (ww.5)

Leaders attract people to follow rather than to push and shove them into position. (ww.6)

Sharing is like a well-planned oval track - it is giving and receiving. (ww.7)

Gossip is the hidden cancer of society. (ww.8)

Bias and prejudice are deliberate blindnesses. (ww.11)

You will never build up immunity to disappointment. (ww.13)

The time of depression can be a seedbed for growth and healing. The intensity of the suffering generates new ideas, powers and drives. (ww.91)

Individual differences must be maintained to make harmony a reality. (ww.18)

Courageous fear is the mark of a wise, prudent, energetic and effective person. (ww.19)

A friend understands and accepts you as you are without trying to remake you. (ww.20)

Dare to be different! Listen and watch, then think for yourself. (ww.22)

Without feelings a person would be a drab, listless bump, contributing nothing. (ww.23)

A father needs many traits but three seem to top the list: awareness, concern, and pleasantness. (ww.24)

Success without teamwork or cooperation is impossible. (ww.25)

Win or lose, every contestant must be a proud, generous, sensitive winner and a resolute, cheerful, probing loser. (ww.26)

Don’t kill your dreams. (ww.27)

Life is an echo and the echo starts with you. (ww.28)

Habits are the building blocks of character. (ww.29)

Worry is a thorough waste of time, human energy, and imagination that could be expending itself on creative projects. (ww.30)

In a choice between ability and dependability, dependability carries the greater weight and does the greater good. (ww.32)

Students need courtesy, promptness, enthusiasm, and good use of time. (ww.33)

Learn to lead or to follow wisely. Don’t wait to be dragged. (ww.37)

Voting is a privilege, a right, and a responsibility. (ww.39)

Boredom is a type of mental cancer. (ww.42)

Word power is greater than physical force. (ww.44)

When you feel left out, reach out to others. (ww.46)

Wear your passing years as a proud signature of time well spent. (ww.48)

Become an elder in the community so people will seek your wisdom, enjoy your wit, and love your smile. (ww.49)

Etch your memories with feelings of courage, responsibility, sincerity, and love. (ww.50)

Resolve: show sincere gratitude to every person who helps in any way. (ww.51)

Tenderness is to human society what the starter button is to a jet plane, an earthmover or your car. (ww.56)

Tears have great therapeutic and social value. (ww.59)

A brooding person is his own worst enemy. (ww.62)

Prudence is the oil of the human machine. (ww.64)

Greed is the basic enemy of all mankind. (ww.65)

Happiness starts with you but it wants to touch others. (ww.67)

To keep a secret, be a faithful listener, friend, and witness. (ww.69)

Free will is a do-it-yourself kit. (ww.71)

Listen to what you say of others to see the character you portray. (ww.73)

Truly happy people do not find happiness - they make it. (ww.75)

Success and failure are rivals, not enemies! (ww.76)

All government must be watched, questioned, and called to account for its actions. (ww.78)

Readiness is the seal of the future. (ww.80)

Enemies keep you alert. (ww.81)

Time, like all valuables, must be used with a deep sense of responsibility towards all. (ww.82)

Society and solitude are two sides of a balance: necessary and complementary. (ww.85)

Achievers are often anxious, yet they are sure that achievement is worth the price. (ww.89)

Worry expends intense, prolonged energy with no return. (ww.91)

Nostalgia is like the brush of an artist who puts a few deft strokes on a canvas to make a beautiful picture. (ww.93)

The older a person becomes, the more he makes his own tracks and carves his own path. (ww.98)

We need news -- but not too much. (ww.102)

A grudge hurts everybody. (ww.104)

Be dependent on others but stand on your own two feet. (ww.105)

The speed of time depends not on the clock on the wall, but on the sense of fulfillment within the person. (ww.107)

If you are going to rock the boat, be ready to row. (ww.108)

Only an open mind can receive worthwhile thoughts from others and grow through them. (ww.109)

People-wreckers are a monstrous blight on all society. People-builders are our guarantee of a stable future. (ww.110)

Harmony must be learned and re-learned. (ww.111)

Bored people are slaves of their own mental flabbiness. (ww.112)

Better a whittler than a chiseler be! (ww.113)

Design your own success and happiness. (ww.114)

Worry is like a rocking chair that goes back and forth in exactly the same spot. (ww.115)

In geometry the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In human relations its a curved line - the curve of a smile. (ww.116)

No one makes progress by standing still. (ww.117)

Untie the ribbons and get to the gift of a new day. (ww.119)

Time softens memories, removes the unpleasant, makes life acceptable. (ww.121)

Many events in life just happen. What you make of them is your choice. (ww.122)

Never follow the crowd unless you know where they are going. (ww.124)

Character is strengthened in crisis but the fundamental work has been done long before. (ww.125)

Wisdom is the insight acquired from meeting the demands of daily living. (ww.126)

Remember your yesterdays but don't let them use up too much of your todays. (ww.127)

Honesty is like a gently flowing river that carries life to everything on its banks. (ww.128)

Indecision in any form is a slow poison. (ww.129)

Equality does not guarantee success but the opportunity to succeed. (ww.130)

Don’t hesitate to say “I don't know” but then look it up and learn. (ww.131)

The manner of speaking often destroys the matter being spoken. (ww.132)

A slower pace leads to steady progress. We mellow with age. (ww.133)

The greatest waste is the waste of self. (ww.134)

Experience has taught acceptance of personal limitations. (ww.136)

Too much order stifles the creative outburst and too much disorder produces chaos. (ww.137)

You can't buy the peace and quiet and sense of well-being that comes on a still star-bright night where the stars spillover each other in a canopy of soft velvety black. (ww.138)

Variety gets its value from the stability of routine. (ww.141)

Don't be a long-faced grumbler. (ww.143)

Choose your partners well. (ww.146)

Worries are the reruns of life. (ww.150)

No one can use you as a doormat unless you choose to lie there. (ww.151)

Privacy is as necessary to personal growth as the rich, warm, hidden recesses of the earth are to the seed of spring. (ww.153)

Service is the rent each person pays for a spot on this earth. (ww.154)

Dreams demand motives that sweat in order to water the fruit of success. (ww.155)

Loneliness is poverty at its worst. (ww.156)

Happiness is a sense of well-being that you take out because of what you have put in. (ww.157)

Home is the rock to which we securely tie one end of the thread of life. (ww.158)

Hatred breeds people with shriveled minds...Nobody wins a war. (ww.159)

Your lot in life is neither good nor bad. It is an opportunity to create the self you want to be. (ww.160)

The strength of married couples depends not on how they are alike, but how they think and work together. (ww.161)

No advertisement should be able to persuade you against your convictions. (ww.162)

Two traits of character that are of prime importance: unbending strength and sensitive warmth. (ww.163)

Deliberate ignorance is a tragedy because the greatest natural resource, a human mind, is wasted. (ww.164)

Education is in direct ratio to effort. (ww.166)

Intrusion into another’s privacy is resented. Sympathy in time of need is welcome. There is no hard fast rule to settle the difference. (ww.168)

Extend the hand of friendship, courage, sympathy, and teamwork and the fist of hostility and destruction will disappear. (ww.171)

Conceit is like building on quicksand - the more conceit the quicker you sink. (ww.172)

Difficulties test our mettle. (ww.174)

Each generation must extend their hands to the generation before and after to bind the human family together in respect and service. (ww.175)

A pro is a person who does a job well even when he/she does not feel like it. (ww.176)

The first person you must believe in is yourself. (ww.178)

Obedience is the act of thinking people who do what they are told because the good of the community demands it. (ww.179)

Growing-up is interesting, enjoyable and never truly done. (ww.180)

Good supervision is the art of getting average people to do superior work and be proud of it. (ww.181)

Test your vision: Do you look with the eyes of love and growth or shrivel in envy and dourness? (ww.182)

Jealousy destroys the jealous person. (ww.183)

Without a headwind, the kite never flies. (ww.184)

Use your talents proudly and with apology to no one. (ww.185)

Words of kindness often make a round trip - returning to the point of origin. (ww.188)

An eye-for-an-eye means everybody is blind. (ww.189)

Flood the airwaves with courage, cooperation, equality, perseverance and love. (ww.194)

Before you speak: think, weigh words carefully, express ideas clearly, then stop talking. (ww.195)

You can't build your life on flattery any more than you hope to satisfy your hunger with an empty spoon. (ww.196)

Success takes a balance of ambitious drive and patient waiting. (ww.197)

Bullets destroy; ballots build. Cast the ballots and melt the bullets. (ww.198)

Do not deny your temper. Use it. Control it. (ww.200)

Know when to give a little, when to stand firm, when to bend and weave but bounce back. (ww.201)

The smile is like the sun. It warms everything in its path. (ww.202)

The things in the attic have already lived. The memory is sweet but no one lives in the attic. (ww.203)

A favor grudgingly done destroys generosity. (ww.205)

Like the ice cream cone, life must be taken a lick at a time to be appreciated and enjoyed. (ww.207)

Time serves as a bit of oil poured over the troubled waters of the past. (ww.211)

Do not waste time trying to pass the blame to a hapless scapegoat. (ww.212)

Show people their true worth in the way you greet them and listen to them. (ww.213)

Nostalgia is fun without the pain - delightful fictional history. (ww.214)

A person who cannot forgive has burned his bridges behind him. (ww.216)

Progress is like walking; one foot grounded while the other advances. (ww.218)

Impulse-acting is not acting without thinking but acting without giving the matter a second thought. (ww.221)

The very nature of flattery is that it is insincere. (ww.222)

Gossip is a river with the double current that keeps flowing. (ww.223)

The desire to live is essential at every age but the purpose must be a personal creation. (ww.226)

Manners are an expression of consideration for another. (ww.227)

A tiny act of thoughtfulness is sometimes better than an overwhelming act of kindness. Bigger is not always better. (ww.228)

We need prophets of good news rather than soothsayers of evil. (ww.230)

Don’t just live. Make living worthwhile. (ww.231)

If you have respect and love for yourself you can give yourself to others. (ww.232)

The cycle of days, weeks, seasons never grows old. (ww.233)

The nicest thing about teamwork is that you have someone you like on your side. (ww.234)

Praise makes the person feel good and want to succeed even more. (ww.235)

The most important characteristic of a person is a pleasant disposition. (ww.237)

If you live at the expense of others, someday you must pick up the tab. (ww.240)

When someone asks your age, tell him you are young enough to have a lifetime of plans yet to be fulfilled, an unending supply of tomorrows still to be lived. (ww.241)

Cheerful people make others feel better just by their presence. (ww.242)

No one can be sure of your appreciation unless you express it in some way. (ww.246)

If you have to choose between a disgruntled jogger and a happy lounger, opt for the latter. (ww.247)

A strong ego is necessary but avoid the cancer of egoism. (ww.252)

No generation can hand on to the next that which it does not possess itself. (ww.252)

Christmas comes only once a year but it should be the spirit of the whole year. (ww.253)

Happiness and contentment in your life reach farther than any other influence. (ww.254)

True fashion is you expressing yourself. (ww.256)

Conscience is not majority rule. (ww.257)

Praise is like the warm sunshine on a cool spring afternoon. (ww.258)

To get results, set deadlines. (ww.259)

Marriage is viable if two people are capable of 100% giving and 100% receiving. (ww.260)

Freedom is dangerous because it makes me responsible for my actions and for respecting the rights and privileges of others. (ww.261)

Failures will come but learn what they teach for the next step to success. (ww.262)

The acorn can never develop into anything but an oak. People have the power to pick and choose their goals. (ww.263)

Home should be an anchor to ambition but never become a noose of strangulation. (ww.264)

Shared silence is conversation. (ww.266)

Skillful listening is the cure for a rash of problems. (ww.268)

Hardening of the "oughteries" (ought to) is a deadly form of procrastination, laziness and selfishness. (ww.271)

Frantic search is not pursuit of happiness. (ww.272)

The test of fairness is to be fair even when others are not. (ww.273)

History teaches us the impossible is possible. (ww.274)

A tactful person knows when to speak and when to leave something unsaid, when to act - even forcefully, and when to refrain from action. (ww.275)

Life is like sailing: making the best use of the wind. (ww.278)

Kind words are a personal trophy, a treasure not buried in a trophy case but enshrined in the recipient’s heart. (ww.280)

Nostalgia is the ability to look on the past with kindly eyes. (ww.281)

Truth is one but falsehood comes in many shapes and forms. (ww.283)

The simple sparrow has brightened many a miserable cold day of winter with the courage and cheer of its presence. (ww.285)

Work is a trusted life-long friend. (ww.288)

Don’t act while you are still in doubt. Settle the doubt satisfactorily in some way. (ww.289)

Nervousness can destroy competency. (ww.292)

Don't waste your time and don't let anyone else waste it for you. (ww.294)

Enjoy what you have in your life and don't grouse about the things that are missing. (ww.296)

Gratitude is the language of honor. (ww.297)

Extend the open hand of friendship and the closed fist of conflict will disappear. (ww.299)

Good manners are cushions that make rubbing elbows with other people a pleasant and friendly experience. (ww.300)

A good name is forever. (ww.307)

Paradise is something people must make for themselves. (ww.313)

The truly sympathetic person feels with the sufferer for what he is suffering without comparing the tribulation with his own. (ww.319)

No one owes you a favor. (ww.320)

Violence can easily become addictive. (ww.321)

Spend more time recalling humorous and enjoyable events. This lightens the picture, makes us realize how fallible we are, gives a good laugh, and keeps us from threatening to blow up the world every time someone looks at us cross-eyed. (ww.322)

Why can't favors come without strings attached? Why can't we have the warm sunshine of spring without the hot of the summer? Why can't we have the advantages without inconveniences?
Answer: That's life!

If you can’t change others, learn to live with them. (ww.325)

Only the fool thinks there can be courage without fear. (ww.329)

Unshared happiness does not last. (ww.330)

Great people built unselfishly for tomorrow. They die with no regrets. They live on in the work they started. (ww.331)

A person cannot be helped in spite of himself. (ww.332)

People are like wind-up clocks. You must let the tension out a bit at a time. (ww.334)

No one is rich enough or strong enough to live without neighbors. (ww.336)

Poise is the ability to handle a public situation and bring the event to a successful conclusion. (ww.337)

It is amazing that human legs last as well and as long as they do. (ww.338)

Civilization is a voyage - not a harbor. (ww.339)

Detonate destructive gossip by exposing it to the light of review. (ww.342)

Resign as manager of the universe! (ww.345)

You are your experiences and what you make of them. (ww.347)

We need firsthand contact with the beauties of nature. (ww.348)

Life is a choice between two attitudes: use or abuse it, appreciate or destroy it. (ww.349)

Sorrow will always leave a scar and the scar will never be obliterated. (ww.350)

Spite can start only if your attitude toward others is already warped. So remove the warp. (ww.354)

“If only I had ....." Do it today. (ww.356)

Constructive criticism is a necessary and helpful tool for growth. (ww.359)

The secret of a productive happy life is the full use of the present moment. (ww.360)

We need the right mixture of sunshine and rain to be an adjusted productive adult. (ww.361)

You must be as good as your word. (ww.363)

The worst prejudice is the one that is excused, justified, denied or pushed aside. (ww.364)

You can make more friends in two months by being interested in others than you can in two years by trying to make others interested in you. (ww.365)

Are you too busy to enjoy life? (ww.370)

The only time people truly die is when they leave nothing behind in people or works. (ww.374)

The value of the life of the tree and a person is measured by the good that each does and the fruit that each produces. (ww.382)

So long as participants continue to talk about the matter again and again, very little - if anything - will be done. (ww.385)

Sound your horn to get attention but mute your horn so as not to deafen others. (ww.386)

Speak your piece. Then close your mouth, open your mind, and listen carefully to the opinions other than your own. (ww.389)

You are not set in your ways unless you want to be. (ww.392)

Counteract greed and corruption with human kindness. (ww.393)

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. (ww.395)

Progress demands risk. (ww.398)

The greatest mistake is to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do the little and watch it grow. (ww.400)

The takers in life tend to eat better and have more things, but the givers usually sleep better and have more friends. (ww.402)

Life is a succession of moments - each moment an opportunity. (ww.404)

The reason the dog is such a good listener is that he never doubts your word and never asks you why it happened. (ww.406)

Applause is the sweetest music. (ww.413)

Love is blind but jealousy sees too much. (ww.417)

Prudence considers the evidence and then acts in a way that looks wise to that person. (ww.421)

A generation gap is made by lack of respect and consideration. (ww.422)

My possessions can be taken from me, but my actions are mine as long as I live and for a long time after I die. (ww.425)

Solitude is a fine place to visit but a poor place to stay. (ww.428)

Make a list of the ten little jobs you have been putting off. Get started and check them off. (ww.430)

You don't need equipment to enjoy memories. (ww.438)

People are not made to stand still. (ww.442)

Learn to recognize your mistakes and be ready to say “I’m sorry.” (ww.443)

I will not be a vine clinging to the wall of peer pressure. (ww.447)

Love is expansive and makes the heart grow. (ww.450)

Beauty, harmony and order are all around you but you won't see them unless you slow down and take time to look and appreciate. (ww.451)

Your life is a journey. See each sunrise as a new beginning. (ww.453)

The best glasses help you see reality in its best form. (ww.454)

Many people have no idea they suffer from prejudice until they are confronted with the issue or the situation. (ww.458)

Don’t endorse the “bad checks” of rumors. When they bounce - and they will - it hurts your credit. (ww.459)

Older people have learned that the “Joy in Living” is the secret cosmetic that insures the Fountain of Youth. (ww.462)

A compromise is a temporary remedy for an emergency. (ww.463)

Curiosity is an open admission of ignorance and a desire to learn. (ww.467)

Forgiveness warms the heart of the giver and the forgiven. (ww.468)

If I don’t take the opportunity, someone else will. (ww.470)

If you can get the last word by making an apology, you are truly a winner. (ww.471)

Temper is a quality that brings the best out of steel but the worst out of people. (ww.472)

Strive to become what you desire to appear and your reputation will be of the highest. (ww.474)

Wit is the salt of conversation. (ww.478)

If there is no tension in your life, there is probably little drive to reach your goals. (ww.480)

Idle rumors are never idle. (ww.482)

A crutch always makes you lean off center from reality. (ww.486)

Blessed is the one who has learned and developed these character traits:
a. to admire but not envy;
b. to follow but not imitate;
c. to praise but not flatter;
d. to lead but not manipulate
. (ww.495)

A home is a place where the heart’s tears dry at their own pace. (ww.508)

Moody silence is a form of selfishness that destroys the possibility of friendship. (ww.509)

Do your best. Seek advice. Learn from others. Stop worrying! (ww.510)

An open mind is the only guarantee of human growth and freedom. (ww.511)

Courage is contagious. (ww.513)

Harmony is the effect produced by the inter-working of all the different people involved. (ww.516)

Use the parks to make your life more enjoyable but maintain our parks so that everyone else can so the same. (ww.522)

If you admit you are wrong, at the same time you are proving you are wiser today than you were yesterday. (ww.523)

Remove the hurt, bitterness, grief, frustration or fear and the anger will be lessened or gone. (ww.524)

You live in a house, shack, tent or dwelling of choice but your home is in your heart. (ww.526)

We would be wise to learn to like what we are doing and when we have to do it. (ww.527)

All disappointments are finite. (ww.529)

Let people share their memories with you. (ww.530)

It is essential that you rebuild your forces by taking the proper leisure. It is just as important to resist laziness. (ww.531)

Be an activist for the causes you support and work to promote them. (ww.532)

To put something to a committee may be a fate worse than death. (ww.534)

Kind words will be noted and remembered. (ww.536)

Keep your thinking straight to keep your speech straight. (ww.537)

Success in life is like riding a bicycle. You have to keep moving ahead. (ww.538)

Count your successes and let your failures grumble and groan by themselves. (ww.539)

The motivating force that keeps a person moving forward is a lack of satisfaction with self. (ww.540)

Reputation is what other people think of you for what you have done or said - not what you are going to do. (ww.541)

Love looks three ways: outward, together and in the same direction. (ww.542)

Beware of schemes and plots of people who would rather make a living off your gullibility than really work for a living. (ww.543)

Bigotry is a disease of the mind. (ww.544)

Don’t let failure cripple you or stop you from reaching out for the next opportunity. (ww.546)

Don’t nurse a grudge. (ww.553)

We can so easily be long on advice but short on real help. (ww.554)

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