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Gems from Journals (J)

Daily opportunities are gold. (J)

We can only get a fair exchange of friendship when it is unselfish and honest. (J)

You have a chance to inform and inspire. Do so. (J)

Caught between the fire of two tempers, you can easily become a burnt cinder. (J)

Make an effort to reach out to others. (J)

Make no apologies for slowing down as you get older. (J)

I've bumped into obstacles many times but have always overcome them or was helped to overcome them. (J)

Violence is a waste of human resources with no adequate return. (J)

A full life is a shared life. (J)

Set your sights for today. (J)

Ingratitude is inexcusable. (J)

Men and women complete and complement each other. (J)

Forgiveness involves two people who help each other rebuild trust. (J)

Give yourself time to heal. (J)

I'm still convinced that effort and perseverance always pay off. (J)

Find strength in each other. (J)

Respect and appreciation are the frosting on the cake of society. (J)

Every new venture is preceded by wondering if its worthwhile. (J)

Good things in the past bolster our surety of the future. (J)

An idea, like a mustard seed, has to be planted, take root and grow. (J)

We choose to adopt and then adaptations begin. (J)

The future is yours to make. (J)

There is always something new, promising, refreshing in new powdery snow. (J)

We'd like to go from seed to harvest without the work. Experience proves the opposite. (J)

It is good to get negative feelings in the open. But then we have to live in the present in the positive. (J)

It is impossible to work at full capacity at all times. (J)

Difficulties to be faced bring out teamwork. (J)

Listen instead of give advice. (J)

True love is the unexpected gift. (J)

Many short cuts end up in dead-end roads. (J)

When one avenue is blocked we have to look for another. (J)

Fear of failure can help us succeed. (J)

Sincere effort wins out in the end. (J)

Don't forget to give yourself time to relax. (J)

Even cold spells have moments of warm sunshine. (J)

There's two ways to live: ride with the current or paddle upstream. (J)

Each age has it's ups and down. (J)

Find something to appreciate and respect in all people. (J)

Ideas are rooted in the past but will be tested in the future. (J)

The larger the organization, the greater the danger of the power structure destroying the talents of the individual. (J)

Over-attachment to material things prevents growth and happiness. (J)

The individualist goes his own way but respects the choices of others. (J)

A good shepherd leads the sheep - not drives them. (J)

Leave your problems at work and come home to your personal life. (J)

I don't believe in a "hand-out" society. (J)

Prudence is the mind guiding the person step by step. (J)

It takes all kinds of people and we got 'em! (J)

The value of the land may fluctuate like all commodities but the land itself is constant. (J)

"Blues" to you should only be a musical form, not a mood or emotion. (J)

It's discouraging to see people lie, cheat, steal - and keep right on going. It's not right. (J)

Who are your role models? (J)

We need a skilled workforce at all levels and occupations. (J)

A teacher can teach and reach a student if the student opens the door. (J)

Just once I would like to see the reporters mention the bright side. (J)

Don't be a part of the continual griping, moaning and groaning. (J)

An achiever is in front leading or behind pushing. (J)

Know when to bite or bite back. (J)

As a priest and teacher, I've counseled people to make up their own mind on moral issues. (J)

Beware people sick with "balloonitis" - full of hot air. (J)

There are highly successful people who are unhappy because of hesitancy to defend self and fear of rejection. (J)

Life after death continues in a new form. (J)

If the "spark" of life fades, find or create another. (J)

The great achievements of the world were all done by people who refused to run with the pack. (J)

Be alive and interested in life. (J)

When you give your time and energy, you hold the trump card. (J)

The dawn promises a new day. (J)

Don't be pushed into anything you don't want to do. (J)

Grief wears many faces. It lives a long time. (J)

To love and be loved is the greatest gift. (J)

Don't get down because of sadness or worries of others. (J)

Concentrate on good memories. (J)

Do each day's tasks with dignity. (J)

Dandelions believe in the future. (J)

If you cannot feed loved ones because they are not with you, feed others. (J)

Death is inevitable and grief is universal. (J)

Help others and you'll feel good. (J)

To harbor resentment gives victory to the one you resent. (J)

Checkbooks can be made to balance. Life is not a checkbook. (J)

Be careful who you accuse lest you scar them for life. (J)

Be careful not to imitate the small child who cried bitterly
because she found only 19 of the 20 hidden Easter eggs. (J)

Love brings energy and stability to life. Give and receive it. (J)

Religion should free you - not bind you. (J)

Pace yourself and rest when you need to. (J)

Live a life of service to others. (J)

Some things are not important. (J)

Courage comes a minute at a time. (J)

You've weathered many storms and will survive this one. (J)

It may take years before what seemed a failure can be deemed a real success or bonus. (J)

Loss is like a hollow core that's not meant to be empty. (J)

Betrayal cannot be reversed. (J)

There is a great difference between looking ahead and worrying about the future. (J)

Success doesn't happen over night. (J)

People have tried to develop philosophies and religions to explain incongruities, inconsistencies and unfairness of life. All have come up short. (J)

Turn the pain of grief and disappointment into something good. (J)

Sunlight and shadows assure you of another day. (J)

Of today's important events, what will you remember 50 years from now? (J)

Hire work that can be hired and save energy and attention for work only you can do. (J)

You'll feel better when you finish today's required work. (J)

Avoid becoming the "specialist of the picayune." (J)

Make decisions - and then make them work. (J)

If we forget what evil is, it can happen again. (J)

Start the day on a positive note. (J)

Kindness may be misjudged as weakness. (J)

Intrusion into another's privacy is resented; sympathy in time of need is welcome. (J)

The present is always mine to make. (J)

I never look back from the angle of changing the past. The decisions were made as best I could. (J)

Mean people seldom change. They have to be controlled. (J)

I don't think the world or people are any worse than they ever were. We just hear about the failures faster and more often. (J)

Beware: a person can manipulate others by a "hurt" or "shy" front. (J)

Concentrate on the beauty of the whole gym floor rather than on the one piece of lint under the bleachers. (J)

Live simply - out of debt with no expensive habits. (J)

This evening, list what went well today. (J)

I ask for your patience and tolerance and I'll return the favor. (J)

Make the library a vital part of your life. (J)

Look at what you have and build on it. (J)

Don't put yourself in a position to be hurt again. (J)

Many situations do not have answers. Do your best. (J)

The flag is the emblem of patriotism, and patriotism is essential to human life. (J)

Put unhealthy thoughts into non-threatening status. (J)

No situation can be worse than the one you have just lived through. (J)

Take the day as it comes and deal with it. (J)

Don't let anyone put you or your efforts down. (J)

Nothing is a "sure thing." (J)

Goodness will win in the long run. (J)

Success takes a balance of ambitious drive and patient waiting. (J)

If you throw yourself to the wolves, you will be eaten. (J)

Live your life as you see fit. (J)

The love of a good man/women would revive life. (J)

Today is a gift; tomorrow is another. (J)

Trust nature and providence. (J)

Love, freedom and friendship are fragile. Yet, they provide the greatest and only stability. (J)

Self-worth is a gift you give yourself. (J)

You have too much to do and give to waste more time and energy on a situation that has no future. (J)

Enjoy success but beware its pressures. (J)

Relaxation is as important as work. (J)

Face the difficulty so you can be whole again. (J)

Be happy for the happiness of another. (J)

Today, express gratitude to people who gave you support and encouragement. (J)

Say "no" to a new project. You have enough on your plate for now. (J)

A smile on your face puts a smile in your heart. (J)

Every rose has thorns to make sure the rose is rightly handled. (J)

All times have challenges. It's the way life is. (J)

Life is made up of thousands of beginnings. (J)

We need to do our best - more cannot be done. (J)

Wildlife needs wetlands. We all need something. (J)

Pace yourself. (J)

A beaver has admirable qualities of tenacity, resiliency, versatility, vitality and industry. (J)

Don't just react - initiate! (J)

A pleasant disposition is as visible as the clothes you wear. (J)

Rest - so you can relax from the "inside out." (J)

Before you choose a path, sort your mixed feelings. (J)

To be self-centered is a waste of talent. (J)

Tell and show love and support to your beloved. (J)

Pride is a basic human resource. (J)

Small minds lurk in shadows to take pot shots at people who are busy. (J)

Noah said to the animals "Move along. This rain won't let up for days." (J)

Worries are reruns of life. (J)

Some people grow up slowly but they do grow up - if they want to. (J)

Talk things over with a trusted person. (J)

Remember the better things. (J)

A politician's hot air does nothing but pollute the atmosphere. (J)

Pad yourself for life's bumps. Enjoy the good things. (J)

Good ideas don't work by themselves. (J)

Hold your tongue but tell people off if they try to use you. (J)

Diet and exercise will not necessarily offer the key to paradise. (J)

A few minutes to listen and understand a child have a lifetime of value. (J)

Some people are like big cats in a cage. They hiss and spit at each other. They work together only when the trainer steps into the cage. (J)

No one can put you down unless you put yourself down first. (J)

People may not remember my name but the influence I had on their life is still going on. (J)

Never intentionally hurt someone. (J)

Negative feelings stick together like scum on a stagnant pond. They kill the life of the pond. (J)

A violent person or nation will destroy itself but only after destroying others. (J)

Much of philosophy cannot attain mathematical precision but it's systematic doubt is no help. (J)

A crook never figures to get caught. (J)

Many plans never eventualize but they all work toward something in the future. (J)

Life is a continuous gift. (J)

Organized religion can become a juggernaut of inhumanity. (J)

An angry driver is unsafe on the road or in the home. (J)

A stone bruise is like any other bruise of body and spirit. Time alone heals it. (J)

Make today count. (J)

Be as soothing oil on troubled waters. (J)

Cooperate with and enjoy nature's seasons. (J)

Recognize and be careful of flowing words that express no ideas. (J)

Curiosity is the best starting point for learning. (J)

Progress is measured by where we were and where we are now. (J)

We need time alone, time in the "melting pot," and time with our "own kind." (J)

Do not be surprised that co-workers can be mean and conniving as well as kind and honest. (J)

Proficiency comes only with a lot of practice and use. (J)

Keep a sense of your own personal worth. (J)

You are responsible for choices you make. (J)

Disgust can lead to resentment and bitterness. (J)

Pay what is fair; charge what is fair. (J)

Be grateful for friends and neighbors but don’t trust them too far. (J)

Make sure you stand on your own two feet - you have and you can. (J)

Don't let the sniping of a few snipers take over your thoughts. (J)

Enjoy the simple life: family, friends, good meal and clean sheets. (J)

Let your legacy be written in the people you serve. (J)

Stay clean in body and ethics. Nature and age control other factors. (J)

Look back to map strategy for going forward. (J)

I've had that rake for 20 years. You'd think it could rake leaves without me. (J)

Your legacy lives on after you die. (J)

It's not necessary to forget a bad experience. But, remind yourself: It's behind you, just like the measles you had as a kid. (J)

No one can take away your talent or success. (J)

If you didn't make the mess, refuse to be drawn into the mess. (J)

Neither indifference nor hot-headed outbursts solve problems. (J)

Siblings share a past but each grows up differently. (J)

At some point in life, each person feels cheated, let down, alone or disliked. Your response to these feelings is your future. (J)

Seek counsel but make up your own mind. (J)

Love is stronger than fear but fear paralyzes. (J)

I don't believe in trying to help an adult against his will. I don't think it can be done. (J)

A person with a problem needs help - not pity. (J)

Reminder: the vast majority of people are reasonable. (J)

Great teachers I had live in me each time I teach or write. (J)

As I get older, I want to enjoy what I do. If that means I get less done, that's the way the ball bounces. (J)

Beware of mealy-mouthed, two-faced persons who say and do what it takes to line their own pockets. (J)

With opportunity, effort and persistence, everyone can rise above a difficult situation. (J)

Develop an approach to life that works for you. (J)

Every right has a responsibility. (J)

Anybody who succeeds makes enemies. (J)

Don't waste valuable time wondering what others think. (J)

We cope with life's challenges the best we know how. (J)

A kid can be starved for acceptance - just like an adult. (J)

Don't let the leeches of humanity drink your life's blood. (J)

Bitterness destroys. (J)

Reform starts from within and help starts from without. (J)

The only time physical force is justified is if it's the only way to safeguard self, country or property. (J)

Unpleasant things happen. Sometimes you can counteract them. At other times, we weather them and move ahead. (J)

The one solid hope is that we have faced many a mess and weathered each. (J)

The lasting benefit of a class or conference is like a river that flows on and on. (J)

Interesting conversation is always stimulating. (J)

Earn your money by work. Don't throw it away on junk or gimmicks. (J)

Three foundations of personal and societal happiness are: respect, resourcefulness and responsibility. (J)

We are like tomato plants that grow and are expected to produce. (J)

Look out the window and let your imagination play. (J)

Like an Old Testament prophet, use hindsight to get insight to produce foresight. (J)

'Tis good to look at the wins of the day (week, month year). (J)

Please don't give in to sadness as it will destroy you. (J)

The place where you live is not as important as the hopes you have for today and the future. (J)

Love is forever - a minute at a time. (J)

As time passes, let go of as much anger as you can. (J)

Each time you keep despair from taking over, you build strength to succeed. (J)

Believe in what you do. (J)

Strong emotions make you effective yet vulnerable. (J)

Things will work out. It’s better to believe that. (J)

Anger, after a long period of sadness, can give you the outward thrust to do something about the situation. (J)

Take it easy tonight. Tomorrow is another day. If there isn’t, then your struggles are over. (J)

Be proud of the service and care you give. (J)

Find outlets for your talents. (J)

I wish I could take away your pain but some things are beyond human powers. (J)

In difficult situations, do the best you can. (J)

You can’t go back. You can only go forward as “sure”. (J)

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