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Teacher Reference Books

Leadership: A Skills Training Program, Ages 8-18
Leadership identification and skills components to "Lead Yourself: Lead Others."
Author: Lois F. Roets

Standards & Benchmarks for Education of Gifted & Talented High-Ability Students, K-12
Standards, benchmarks, assessments with examples and sample adaptations.
Author: Lois F. Roets

Gifted & Standard Education: Issues of Mutual Concern
Uses question and response on many issues related to gifted & standard curriculum, K-12.
Author: Lois F. Roets

Giving Your Child Roots & Wings
Some suggestions for parents and educators.
Author: Lois F. Roets

How to Survive & Thrive as Educator of Gifted & Talented Students
Meets the practical and emotional needs of educators in the field.
Author: Lois F. Roets

Serving High School Gifted & Talented -
100+ Suggestions
Over 100 suggestions for ways to serve high school gifted and talented students.
Author: Lois F. Roets

Staff Development In-service Manual for Talented & Gifted
Staff development in all areas related to gifted. Transparency format. Some samples.
Author: Lois F. Roets

Modifying Standard Curriculum & Instructional Strategies for High Ability Students, K-12
Describes modification techniques, completed samples, ready-to-use activities.
Author: Lois F. Roets

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