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Lois F. RoetsLois F. Roets, Ed.D. - Educational consultant for gifted and standard curriculum, Resource Specialist at the Center for Gifted at the University of Iowa. Teacher, grades 1-8 and gifted, K-12.

Author of...

Famous People

Gifted & Standard Education: Issues of Mutual Concern

Giving Your Child Roots & Wings

How to Survive & Thrive as Educator of Gifted & Talented Students

Incomplete Plays

Leadership: A Skills Training Program, Ages 8-18

Modifying Standard Curriculum & Instructional Strategies for High Ability Students, K-12

Philosophy & Philosophers

Public Speaking

Readers' Theater: Volume One: General Interest,
                                        Volume Two: Famous People
                                        Volume Three: Entrepreneurs

Serving High School Gifted & Talented -100+ Suggestions

Staff Development In-service Manual for Talented & Gifted

Standards & Benchmarks for Education of Gifted & Talented High-Ability Students, K-12

Student Projects: Ideas and Plans

Understanding Success and Failure

Writing Fiction

Philip G. RoetsPhilip G. Roets STL, SSL - Teacher of middle school reading, math and science; professor of Biblical studies and languages - Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish and French; Chaplain.

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