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Educational Books

Lois F. Roets

Lois F. RoetsDr. Lois F. Roets is a K-12 educator of standard curriculum with two specialties: Education of Gifted High-ability Students and Staff Development for teachers. Staff development includes what to teach (curriculum) and how to teach (methods). "Tables of Content" and "Sample Pages" of her books are here for your review.

Books by Dr. Roets reflect her experience teaching grades 1-8 in Iowa and Wisconsin; gifted and talented teacher/coordinator for 19 years; teacher of teachers for 28 years. In addition to classroom teaching and district administration, she did workshops in 28 states and 2 provinces of Canada. Her books are used worldwide, especially the books on Leadership, Success & Failure. She retired from schools in 1999 with position of Curriculum Director, K-12. Her last formal class for teachers of gifted was at the University of Iowa in 2010.

Since 2010, Lois continues to assist teachers through emails and tutoring. She is archivist and editor for the legacy of Philip G. Roets, her husband who died in 2002. She assists adults in "Writing and Editing Memoirs," writes short stories and educational materials. Other interests: documentaries and oral history on public TV and radio, mystery stories, Green Bay Packers, planning memorials, word puzzles, rides into the country, and -- top of list - family & friends.

To contact Lois Roets, send an email to [email protected].

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