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Calendar of Quotations from Old and New Testament -

with applications to daily living by Philip G. Roets, priest, teacher, Biblical scholar. Translations of Bible are by Phil from Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).


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October 1.

“Without deliberation, plans come to nothing.” Proverbs 15:22.
Success is the result of ambition, goals, plans and execution.

“With me in them and you in me, may they be completely one.” John 17:23.
True unity means diversity of parts and action but singleness of goal.

October 2.

“When a man has a ready answer, he finds joy too.” Proverbs 15:23.
A ready answer is well thought out and satisfactory to the speaker and listener.

“If you want me, let these go.” John 18:9.
Jesus protects his apostles to the very last moment even though they run off.

October 3.

“A fitting answer always satisfies.” Proverbs 15:23.
An answer well fitted to the question is an intellectual creation.

“Ask those who heard me what I taught. They know what I said.” John 18:21.
How forcefully Jesus stands in the court and voices his convictions.

October 4.

“The heart of the just man meditates on kind actions.” Proverbs 15:28.
Kindness proceeds from the inner personal values of a man.

“Yes, I am a king. For this was I born, to bear witness to the truth.” John 18:37.
The kingdom of Jesus is truth - all truth.

October 5.

“A kind glance gives joy, and good news brings firmness to the bones.” Proverbs 15:30.
An encouraging smile can make hard work easier and weakness becomes strength.

“Behold the man.” John 19:5.
The real Adam! For the first time, mankind could stand proudly before God.
October 6.

“The person who listens to wholesome correction is at home in the company of the wise.” Proverbs 15:31.
Constructive criticism, given and accepted, is a major part of wisdom.

“Behold the man.” John 19:5.
Behold the King of Peace, Love, Unity, Ambition, Energy and Drive!

October 7.

“He who rejects discipline, hurts his own self.” Proverbs 15:32.
The undisciplined person is the victim of his volatile emotions.

“We have no king but Caesar.” John 19:16.
In the presence of Jesus, the reality, they chose the imitation king.

October 8.

“The person who listens to correction wins the ability to think for himself.” Proverbs 15:32.
The ability to think freely, logically and effectively is a process learned from the guidance of others.

“Son, behold your mother.” John 19:26.
Mary alone stood faithful to her son when all others had deserted.

October 9.

“Better to have little with justice than great income illegally.” Proverbs 16:8.
The security of a peaceful conscience outweighs all the silver and gold.

“It is fulfilled.” John 19:30.
Not “It is done,” but now everything is set to go forward.

October 10.

“Pride goes before destruction and arrogance before the fall.” Proverbs 16:18.
Awareness and appreciation of one’s true worth gives the stability needed for success.

“What is truth?” John 18:38.
Pilot asked the question but did not wait for an answer.
October 11.

“Gentleness in speech makes your words the more persuasive.” Proverbs 16:21.
When your speech is calm and gentle, people listen to what you say rather than how you say it.

“My kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36.
Jesus reassured Pilot by stressing the central point of his message.

October 12.

“Kind words are honeycomb: sweet to the taste, wholesome to the body.” Proverbs 16:24.
Kindness of speech assures that people will not be sidetracked from the message.

“What is truth?” John 18:38.
This question could be asked each day and answered anew each day.

October 13.

“A worker‘s appetite works for him. His empty stomach drives him on.” Proverbs 16:26.
The necessities of life can be the starting point of our ambition but they should not be the outer limits.

“What is truth?” John 18:38.
Truth is the uncovering of all that reveals the greatness of man in the plan of God.

October 14.

“Rather meet a bear robbed of its cubs than a fool and his folly.” Proverbs 16:25.
Folly is rashness, a lack of insight and foresight, an unthinking haste.

“Woman, behold your son!” John 19:26.
Mary introduces her son at Cana; Jesus gives his mother to the world on Calvary.

October 15.

“The crown of the aged is their children‘s children. The children‘s glory is their father.” Proverbs 17:6.
Family solidarity assured stability, growth and progress.

“I thirst.” John 19:28.
This question could be asked each day and answered anew each day. The thirst of Jesus is his zeal which can be quenched only by followers.
October 16.

“A friend is a friend at all times.” Proverbs 17:17.
Friendship is tested, purified and made strong by the hardships borne together.

“Mary“... “Master.” John 10:16.
The sudden return of love, faith, hope and joy for Mary.

October 17.

“A man who can control his tongue has knowledge.” Proverbs 17:27.
The first step in all knowledge has to be a deepending self-knowledge.

“Peace be with you.” John 20:2.
Jesus is with them - evening, joy, peace and contentment.

October 18.

“To answer without first listening is folly that leads to confusion.” Proverbs 18:13.
A wise man attempts no reply until he has heard the person out.

“Simon, do you love me more than all of these?“ John 21:15.
Peter had been proud, had bragged, feared, lied three times and deserted. What a record!

October 19.

“Where reflection is lacking, zeal often goes astray.” Proverbs 19:2.
Zeal that is not well planned often becomes an overbearing tyranny.

“Our love is not to be just words or mere talk.” John 3:18.
Insincerity, shallowness, superficial feelings are condemned totally by Christ.

October 20.

“It is to a man‘s honor if he avoids a quarrel.” Proverbs 20:3.
A calm discussion brings growth; a heated quarrel invites destruction.

“Let us love one another since love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7.
Mutual love for each other shows us who God is.
October 21.

“The idler does not plow. At harvest time he looks...Nothing there.” Proverbs 20:4.
You will get what you give. If you do not work, you will not produce.

“Since God has loved us so much, we, too, should love each other.” 1 John 4:11.
People attract God’s love. Then surely people should love people.

October 22.

“Gold and pearls may abound: but the priceless ornament is lips that speak knowledge.” Proverbs 20:15
The sharing of ideas, ideas, goals, ambitions, failures and successes is the jewel without price.

“In love there is no fear.” 1 John 4:18.
Fear restricts but love is expansive, courageous and outgoing.

October 23.

“In an emergency a man shouts “I promise“ but thinks only after he acts.” Proverbs 20:25.
Hasty actions get quick results but often end in sadness and disappointment.

“Anyone who says he loves God and hates his brother is a liar.” 1 John 4:20.
Sincere love of God starts with people.

October 24.

“A wise ruler winnows the troublemakers and turns their efforts back on them.” Proverbs 20:26.
Harmony demands that leaders remove obstacles as soon as possible.

“Unless I see, unless I feel, I refuse to believe.” John 20:25.
Thomas is stubborn but his stubbornness is reassuring.

October 25.

“To make a fortune with a lying tongue is building on the emptiness of daydreams.” Proverbs 21:6.
One lie demands another until a chain is forged around the deceiver.

“Feed my lambs! Feed my sheep!” John 21:16-17.
Peter repented. He was filled with the strength of love.
October 26.

“Better to live in the corner of the roof than share a house with a nag.” Proverbs 21:9
A persuasive tongue leads to action but a nagging tongue leads to frustration and anger.

“If we cannot be condemned by our own conscience, we need never fear God.” 1 John 3:21.
Be convinced, live by your convictions, and face all the ideals of your life.

October 27.

“Better to live in the desert than with an irritable nagging person.” Proverbs 21:19.
As lack of rain makes the barren desert, to the negative prodding of the nagger causes failure.

“God is love.” 1 John 4:8.
Observe true love in husband and wife, parent and children, and know God.

October 28.

“The desires of the lazy man destroy him because his hands do no work.” Proverbs 21:25.
The more the lazy person wants, the more costly and irritating his laziness becomes.

“God is love and anyone who lives in love, lives in God.” 1 John 4:15.
What a beautiful, powerful and simple formula of life.

October 29.

“The wise man sees danger and seeks shelter.” Proverbs 22:3.
Foresight, insight and hindsight are the three kinds of vision necessary to live wisely.

“We are to love because God loved us first.” 1 John 4:19.
Our inner self respect must be firm and solidly grounded.

October 30.

“The unwise man seeks danger, forges ahead and is destroyed.” Proverbs 22:3.
Foresight looks ahead; insight sees the present; hindsight learns from the past.

“Anyone who does not love his brother whom he can see cannot love God whom he has never seen.” 1 John 4:20.
No greater dilemma has faced man and it is in every action.

October 31.

“Get rid of the mocker and quarreling, dispute and abuse disappear.” Proverbs 22:10.
The man who ridicules is twice damned. He interferes with others and himself fails.

“In the past, God spoke to your ancestors through the prophets.” Hebrews 1:1.
Prophets were zealous men of their times who felt they had to speak.

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