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Calendar of Quotations from Old and New Testament -

with applications to daily living by Philip G. Roets, priest, teacher, Biblical scholar. Translations of Bible are by Phil from Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).


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May 1.

“My sheaf stood up straight and your sheaves bowed to it .” Genesis 37:7.
The qualities of great leadership can be seen at an early age.

“ Pilate said: I find no guilt in this man. Therefore I shall punish him.” Luke 23:22.
How blatant the injustice of this judgment but from it Jesus proves his sincerity.

May 2.

“I saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars. The moon and stars were bowing to the sun. I was the sun.” Genesis 37:7.
Seeming brashness is sometimes sincere self-confidence.

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:24.
The generous person holds no grudge.

May 3.

“Go, see how your brothers and the flocks are doing and give me your report.” Genesis 37:14.
A routine chore is the first step in a dream of international import.

“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Luke 23:42.
Deep faith and understanding could see the king beneath the criminal‘s facade.

May 4.

“Tell me where my brothers are pasturing their flock.” Genesis 39:16.
Years later, Joseph will recall this moment and see the good and evil that came from it.

“I assure you, this day, you shall be with me in Paradise.” Luke 23:43.
The thief’s faith is fully rewarded: complete happiness will be his.
May 5.

“Here comes the dreamer. Let‘s kill him and throw him in the well.” Genesis 37:19-20.
Unless previous guilt is admitted, new wrongs will be committed.

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Luke 23:46.
Jesus died as he lived: confident of the fidelity of the Father to His word.

May 6.

“What do we gain by killing our brother and covering up his blood?” Genesis 37:26.
Even hidden crimes are emblazoned on the memory of the evildoer.

“Why are you men standing here staring into the sky?” Acts 1:11.
The work of Christ is to be found in the events of daily life.

May 7.

“They sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver.” Genesis 37:28.
The boy, sold as a slave, would one day save his family and nation from death.

“These men are not drunk as you imagine.” Acts 2:15.
Living faith gives rise to enthusiasm that is hard to resist.

May 8.

“They dipped the long-sleeved tunic in a goat‘s blood and sent it to his father.” Genesis 37:32.
Always one more lie is needed to cover for the previous one.

“They met in their homes for the breaking of bread and shared their food gladly and generously.” Acts 2:46.
Enthusiasm and generosity of Christians led the Roman world to Christ.
May 9.

“The Lord blessed the Egyptian household because of Joseph.” Genesis 39:5.
The fidelity, loyalty, kindness and genersity of the good person is contagious.

“Peace, be with you.” John 14:27.
The life of the true Christian is filled with the peace that comes from sincerity.

May 10.

“The Lord was with Joseph and made him successful in all his efforts.” Genesis 39:23.
The undisturbed conscience of the good person makes his efforts more productive.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you.” Acts 1:8.
The source of all Christian greatness is to be found in the spirit of the members.

May 11.

“Since God has given you knowledge of all this, there is none as intelligent and wise as you.” Genesis 41:39.
The knowledge and wisdom of the productive worker is evident to all who watch.

“You are to be witnesses of Jesus to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8.
The message of Jesus can be spread only by his convinced followers.
May 12.

“Joseph stored the grain like sands of the sea for seven years.” Genesis 41:49.
The wise person always sets aside in days of plenty for days of want.

“Their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus.” Luke 24:31.
Grief, without faith, caused them not to recognize Jesus.

May 13.

“Pharaoh told the Egyptians: Go to Joseph and do what he tells you.” Genesis 41:55.
A leader is recognized by his solid principles, foresight, produce and adaptability.

“They drew lots and the lot fell on Matthias.” Acts 1:26.
Matthias won the opportunity that Judas rejected.

May 14.

“Joseph recognized his brothers but his brothers did not recognize him.” Genesis 42:8.
How quickly a mean person would have sought revenge in this situation.

“Your young men shall see visions....” Acts 2:37.
Young people are to look forward because their lives are still before them.

May 15.

“I could not bear to see the misery that would overcome my father.” Genesis 44:34.
The measure of a true man is his concern and sensitivity for others.

“Your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:37.
Dreams are made of what you have done; visions are goals yet to be fulfilled.

May 16.

“I am Joseph. Is my father truly still alive?” Genesis 45:3.
The reconciliation depicted could come only from a magnanimous person.

“Silver and gold I have none but what I have I give you.” Acts 3:6.
Peter shared his faith with the beggar and led the man to Christ.

May 17.

“God has sent me here before you to preserve your lives” Genesis 45:6.
By hindsight, Joseph could see all the good that came from the treachery.

“You judge whether it is right to listen to you and not to God. We‘ll preach.” Acts 4:19.
This is the same Peter who denied Jesus.

May 18.

“Joseph is still alive. He is the administrator of all Egypt.” Genesis 45:26.
What an overflowing joy burst from the heart of Jacob at the good news.

“The whole group of believers was of one mind and one spirit.” Acts 5:32.
True Christian living established the true community of man.
May 19.

“My son, Joseph, is still alive and I must go to see him before I die.” Genesis 45:26.
True love never dies and always seeks to be united with the one loved.

“Even after you sold the land the money was yours to do with as you liked.” Acts 5:4.
The right to private property is necessary basis for true community.

May 20.

“Do not fear. Am I to take the place of God?” Genesis 50:19.
Small men fear revenge. Great men recognize their limitations.

“We must obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29.
All human actions are a choice for or against God.

May 21.

“God has turned the evil you planned into good.” Genesis 50:20.
Small men fear revenge. Great men recognize their limitations.

“It is not right for us to neglect the Word of God to give out food.” Acts 6:2.
There is a hierarachy of importance in the events of daily life.

May 22.

“Shall I find a nurse from the Hebrew women to care for this child?.” Exodus 2:7.
Notice how Moses is prepared for his leadership from his very birth.

“Select men of good name, filled with the spirit of wisdom.” Acts 6:3.
To serve well, a person must be respected, wise and filled with community spirit.
May 23.

“Who appointed you judge over us? Will you kill us as you killed the Egyptian?” Exodus 2:14.
A leader’s zeal is easily misunderstood and thrown into his face.

“Let us caution them never to speak to anyone in the name of Jesus again.” Acts 4:17.
No blindness is greater than the blindness that refuses to see.

May 24.

“Moses came to the girls‘ defense and watered their sheep for them.” Exodus 2:17.
This generous courage and sensitivity to the needs of others is the roots of the leader.

“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to proclaim the Word of God boldly.” Acts 5:31.
The spirit that arose in the crowd enabled them to spread the word.

May 25.

“Take off your shoes. The spot on which you stand is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5.
The place is made holy by the work that takes place here.

“All the members brought their money to the apostles and it was distributed to those in need.” Acts 5:31.
The generosity of the first Christians was real and visible.

May 26.

“The Lord says: Israel is my firstborn.” Exodus 4:22.
Firstborn is the one who carries on the family name officially.

“We give you a rule: if a person refuses to work he is not to eat.” 2nd Timothy 3:10.
Christian sharing does not allow for freeloaders.

May 27.

“The Lord led the Israelites: a pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night.” Exodus 13:21.
God adapted his leadership to the needs of the people at all times.

“If this movement is from man, it will die from its own accord.” Acts 5:38.
Man alone cannot stand. He needs the help of others and God.
May 28.

“You will become to me a kingdom of priests, a consecrated nation.” Exodus 19:6.
The heart of the Judeo-Christian ideal: the supreme value of each individual.

“If this movement is from God, you will not stop it and you may be fighting God.” Acts 5:38.
The world of God will move forward with or without you.

May 29.

“I am the Lord, your God.” Exodus 20:1.
God is a goal that surrounds us and is able to satisfy our every wish at every turn.

“Saul gave complete approval to the killing.” Acts 8:1.
Zeal, if not properly guided, can do great harm.

May 30.

“I brought you out of the slavery of Egypt.” Exodus 20:2.
Freedom of choice which comes only from God, is the basis of all the commandments.

“Saul went from house to house arresting both men and women.” Acts 8:3.
Terrible injustice is perpetrated in the name of religion.

May 31.

“I show kindness to all who love me and keep my commandments.” Exodus 20:6.
The commandments are presented not as restrictions but as positive guidelines in all aspects of life.

“After dark, the disciples lowered Saul in a basket from the top of the wall.” Acts 9:25.
The zeal that moved Saul, the persecutor, now inflamed Paul, the apostle.

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