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Calendar of Quotations from Old and New Testament -

with applications to daily living by Philip G. Roets, priest, teacher, Biblical scholar. Translations of Bible are by Phil from Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).


December 1.

“Better a salad with love than a thick steak and hatred to go with it.” Proverbs 15:17.
Neither poverty nor riches make joy and peace but love that accompanies them.

“Be concerned for each other by promoting a response in love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24.
The power and attraction of good example can never be allowed to weaken.

December 2.

“Better a man master of himself than one that conquers a city.” Proverbs 16:32.
Self-control or self-mastery is the most basic and important part of all action.

“Faith alone can establish the existence of realities not yet seen.” Hebrews 11:1.
Faith sets our roots deep in the past but gives growth in the present day.

December 3.

“Better a dry crust with peace than a house where feasting and quarreling go together.” Proverbs 17:1.
Peace and harmony depend not on what you have but on what you are and do.

“Because of his faith, Abel offered God a more pleasing sacrifice.” Hebrews 11:4.
Abel was generous and offered of his best to show gratitude to God.

December 4.

“The fool does not like to think ... only air his opinions.” Proverbs 18:2.
Empty words can be recognized by lack of judgment, produce, counsel, knowledge and sensitivity.

“By faith, Noah felt a holy fear and built an ark to save his family.” Hebrews 11:7.
Note how faith adapts each person to the needs of his time and place.
December 5.

“When there is lack of consideration, zeal is not good.” Proverbs 19:2.
Enthusiasm, not tempered by thoughtfulness, becomes wild-eyed fanaticism.

“But now Christ has come as the high priest of all promised blessings.” Hebrews 9:11.
Religion can easily become bogged down with rituals, liturgies and words.

December 6.

“The one who goes too quickly misses the way.” Proverbs 19:2.
The scurrying, impatient person uses lots of energy but seldom reaches the goal.

“In other words through the blood of Jesus we have the right to enter the holy place.” Hebrews 10:19.
This holy place is the presence of God which we are to manifest by our lives.

December 7.

“A man who finds bread sweet when gotten by fraud later has a mouth full of sand.” Proverbs 20:17.
Dishonesty seems easy and delightful until it catches up with the cheat.

“Remain firm in the hope you profess, because the one who promises is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23.
God has not let people down but he always demand cooperation.

December 8.

“The glory of the young is their strength; the dignity of the aged is gray hairs.” Proverbs 20:29.
The young have the strength to reach their goals; the aged have gray hairs to prove they have arrived.

“Faith alone can guarantee the blessings we hope for.” Hebrews 11:1.
This faith demands clear understanding and the conviction that follows.
December 9.

“An open town with no defenses is the man without self-control.” Proverbs 25:28.
Each uncontrolled feeling is an invitation to fault and failure.

“By faith we understand the world was created by the word of God.” Hebrews 11:3.
Faith points out the wisdom of this creative plan which we are coming to know.

December 10.

“As iron is made finer by iron so a man is refined by contact with his neighbor.” Proverbs 27:17.
Rubbing shoulders with people around us points out our faults and helps us remove them.

“Anyone who comes to God must believe that he is, and he rewards those who look for him.” Hebrews 11:16.
The summary of faith: deeper knowledge of God and man’s fulfillment in his service.

December 11.

“No flood, no raging stream can extinguish love.” Song of Songs 8:7.
True love has no weakness and is overcome by no enemy.

“By faith, Abraham set out for a foreign land which was to be his inheritance.” Hebrews 11:8.
An understanding of faith means assessing all needs and problems of the day.

December 12.

“The fruit of honest labor is glorious and the root of understanding does not decay.” Wisdom 3:15.
Success gives renewed energy and zeal and experience gives greater stability.

“By faith, Sarah was able to conceive the son of promise.” Hebrews 11:48.
Through the understanding and commitment of his mother, Issac was prepared for his role.
December 13.

“Arrogance and boasting are like a ship in a boiling sea leaving no trace.” Wisdom 5:10.
The stronger the voice of the braggart, the faster blows away the speaker’s identity.

“These men and women are all heroes of faith but they received only part of the promise.” Hebrews 11:39.
Faith is powerful and effective because of man -- not in spite of men.

December 14.

“Arrogance and boasting are a bird in the air, leaving no proof of passing.” Wisdom 5:11.
The boastful man has only himself as a point of reference. He vanished with his own hot air.

“With so many witnesses on every side, we too should run steadily in the race we have started.” Hebrews 12:1.
The evidence of the power of faith in the lives of these men, should convince us.

December 15.

“Arrogance and boasting are arrows shot through the air ... no mark of their passing.” Wisdom 5:12.
The braggart’s fame is as enduring as an arrow in flight.

“For the sake of the joy to come, he endured the cross and ignored its shames.” Hebrews 12:2.
Though he was frightened, the faith of Jesus gave him courage to reach his goal.

December 16.

“Those who acquire wisdom win God‘s friendship.” Wisdom 7:14.
The truly believing person must have wisdom... not superstition, ignorance or fear.

“Always seek peace with all people.” Hebrews 12:14.
As far as possible, try to get along with everyone.
December 17.

“Over wisdom evil can never triumph.” Wisdom 7:30.
This conquering wisdom must analyze all circumstances and take proper action.

“Remember your leaders who preached the world of God to you.” Hebrews 13:7.
This remembrance shall lead you to give them remembrance and respect.

December 18.

“Wisdom uses all things in harmony with their nature.” Wisdom 8:1.
Wisdom is the foundation of all truly human use of the world around us.

“Put greed out of your life and be content with whatever you have.” Hebrews 13:5.
Greed starts as a hidden fault and soon takes over the whole person.

December 19.

“Hands open to receive must not be closed when asked to give.” Sirach 4:30.
Love of neighbor must always form a full circuit - else it is folly.

“By faith, Moses was carefully hidden and saved as a baby.” Hebrews 11:23.
The deep courage of the mother made her do the extraordinary to save her son.

December 20.

“An evil temper destroys the man who has it.” Sirach 6:4.
Like the speeding car... eventually it stops ...the driver dead at the wheel.

“God has provided us with something better: we see the goal.” Hebrews 11:40.
With the coming of Jesus, many of the parts of the plan came together in wisdom and order.
December 21.

“A faithful friend, a sure shelter, a rare treasure.” Sirach 6:14.
Such friendship does not wait to be asked for help but is ready at all times to help.

“Jesus is the leader of our faith and brings it to fullness.” Hebrews 12:2.
Our understanding of the plan for man begins in Jesus and reaches fulness in him.

December 22.

“A faithful friend is beyond price, unmeasured in his worth.” Sirach 6:15.
No matter how great the problem it seems less frightening when shared with a friend.

“Suffering, difficulties and obstacles are a part of training.” Hebrews 12:7.
Everyone meets obstacles in daily life. The man of faith overcomes them.

December 23.

“The one who respects the Lord makes true friends for a man‘s friends reflect his true self.” Sirach 6:17.
A man is known by the company he keeps.

“Bitterness can poison a whole community.” Hebrews 12:15.
Bitterness, greed, jealousy, envy and anger destroy the people involved.

December 24.
“Do not desert an old friend; the new one will not be an equal.” Sirach 6:17.
An artificial eye may look real, but there is no sight.
“Marriage is to be honored by all.” Hebrews 13:4.
Marriage is the foundation of all healthy society through the family.
December 25.

“A new friend is like new wine: when it grows old, you drink it with pleasure.” Sirach 9:15.
Friendship that does not deepen and grow with age is not true friendship.

“In the church, everyone is to be the first born son and a citizen of heaven.” Hebrews 14:23.
There are no second-class members of the Christian family.

December 26.

“Who feels sorry for the snake charmer bitten by the snake?” Sirach 12:13.
The person who flirts with danger must suffer the consequences.

“Obey your leaders because they must give an account of the way they took care of you.” Hebrews 13:17.
This obedience is the external sign of your share in the community.

December 27.

“Why put a clay pot next to an iron cauldron?” Sirach 13:3.
Only the fool goes into unnecessary danger.

“So be as cunning as serpents but harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16.
Christian faith means you assess how best to perform each actions.

December 28.

“Greed shrivels the soul.” Sirach 14:9.
As the miser hordes his fortune, he cuts himself off from all people.

“The fine linen for the bridal dress of the church is made of the good deeds of good people.” Revelations 19:8.
The church is the people who make it up and their good deeds shine for all to see.
December 29.

“A mind made up after due reflection will not flinch in a crises.” Sirach 22:20.
Honest evaluation of foreseable circumstances gives inner security.

“Blessed are those who die in Christ for their good deeds go with them.” Revelation 14:13.
The last moment of this life contains all that is of value in your whole life.

December 30.

“The crown of old men is ripe experience.” Sirach 25:6.
A true sense of values must be gained from daily living.

“I will give water from the well of life to anyone who thirsts.” Revelation 21:6.
Each person is given the opportunity to measure up the stature of true man.

December 31.

“Many have fallen by the sword, but more have fallen by the tongue.” Sirach 25:6.
The blade of the sword can be parried aside... but the gossiping tongue cuts to the heart.

“Call the workers and pay them their wages in all fairness.” Matthew 20:8.
What are the wages you have earned for the year just completed?