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Calendar of Quotations from Old and New Testament -

with applications to daily living by Philip G. Roets, priest, teacher, Biblical scholar. Translations of Bible are by Phil from Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).


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August 1.

“Sound judgment and prudence are the life of the soul.” Proverbs 3:21.
Prudence strikes a balance between fearful in-effectiveness and brash wastefulness.

“Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus.” John 11:5.
Jesus needed and depended upon the special friendships of certain people.

August 2.

“Refuse not a kindness to him who asks if it is in your power to grant it.” Proverbs 3:27.
Be sensitive to the needs of others and willing to help whenever you can.

“The master is here and wishes to see you.” John 11:29.
Jesus is careful to give special attention to his friends in time of need.

August 3.

“Plot no evil against your neighbor.” Proverbs 3:28.
Gossip, backbiting, slander, detraction; all destroy the author as well as the victim.

“Jesus wept.” John 11:36.
Jesus is deeply moved at the misfortune and grief of others.

August 4.

“Do not pick any empty quarrel with a person who has done no harm.” Proverbs 3:30.
Discussion with difference of opinion leads to growth, but quarreling breeds destruction.

“It is better for one man to die than for the whole nation to be destroyed.” John 11:49.
The high priest spoke a great truth even thought he knew it not.
August 5.

“Do not model your life on the conduct of the violent.” Proverbs 3:31.
Violence breeds violence and destruction but settles nothing.

“Judas said this not because he cared for the poor but because he was a thief.” John 12:6.
Judas allowed selfish greed to grow into total betrayal.

August 6.

“Hold fast to discipline ... it is your life.” Proverbs 4:13.
Discipline is self-mastery that has been learned by conviction and practice.

“Behold, your king is coming, riding on the foal of a donkey.” John 12:15.
The kingship of Jesus is found in service, not superficial glamor.

August 7.

“The path of the just is like the light at dawn; it will grow into full day.” Proverbs 4:18.
The honest, considerate, gentle, sensitive, kind person succeeds by helping others to succeed.

“The hour has come. The Son of Man is to be glorified.” John 12:23.
Jesus was being sought by Jew and Gentile. His appeal was universal.

August 8.

“Keep watch over your heart since it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23.
Desires lead to ambition, and ambition leads to goals. Therefore, keep the desires under control.

“Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone.” John 12:24.
The total doctrine of resurrection: The seed sprouts the new plant that bears new fruit.
August 9.

“Find joy with the wife you married in your youth.” Proverbs 5:19.
Choose wisely - grow daily - live happily - share fully.

“But it is for this reason I have come to this hour.” John 12:28.
Jesus knew the final hours would be terrifying but he went forward courageously.

August 10.

“Let love for the wife of your youth ever hold you captive.” Proverbs 5:19.
Love for your wife gives you the roots necessary for an effective productive life.

“Walk while you have the light.” John 12:35.
Make use of the opportunities for good actions each day.

August 11.

“Your father‘s advice is a lamp and your mother‘s teaching a light.” Proverbs 6:23.
Parental advice, like good wine, is appreciated only as it ages.

“He washed the feet of his disciples and dried them with a towel.” John 13:5.
Jesus said that he came to rule the world by serving. Here is one proof.

August 12.

“Can a person hug fire to his breast without setting his clothes on fire?” Proverbs 6:27.
The person who runs with danger will hurt himself and others.

“I have given you an example and you must follow it exactly.” John 13:15.
The example of Jesus so needed today: Love must be expressed in generous service.
August 13.

“Can a man walk on red hot coals without burning his feet?” Proverbs 6:28.
Count the probabilities and accept the consequences of your decisions.

“By this love shall all men know you are my disciples.” John 13:35.
Your love for your neighbor is the most positive evidence of the truth of Christ.

August 14.

“Wisdom is the source of discretion, the beginning of clear thinking.” Proverbs 8:12.
Discretion means weighing all pertinent evidence and then making a balanced judgment.

“In my father‘s house there is room for everyone.” John 14:2.
No one is excludeded from the happiness offered by Jesus unless the person excluded himself.

August 15.

“Wisdom is good advice, sound judgment, clear perception, and strength.” Proverbs 8:14.
The wise man listens to others, thinks for himself and acts decisively.

“Now my soul is deeply disturbed.” John 12:27.
Jesus was truly courageous. He was frightened and yet he conquered fear and continued.

August 16.

“Correct a wise man and he will learn yet more.” Proverbs 9:9.
The wise man sees the eyes of others as mirror to reflect the image he is making.

“Now the prince of this world is to be overthrown.” John 12:31.
The selfishness of man will be totally offset by the generosity of Christ -- the new Adam.

August 17.

“A wise child is the parents‘ joy.” Proverbs 10:1.
The wise child knows how to listen carefully, think responsibility, and act prudently.

“Now that his hour had come, Jesus wished to show how complete his love was.” John 13:1.
Jesus’s love for us is the love that brings all things to complete fulness.
August 18.

“The heart of a wise man is obedient to instruction.” Proverbs 10:8.
The heart can be a very erratic guide unless it is led by an informed mind.

“If I do not wash you, you can have no part with me.” John 13:8.
To share with others you must be ready, not only to give, but to receive.

August 19.

“He walks securely whose ways are upright.” Proverbs 10:9.
Upright ways are secure because they are built from knowledge, advice, conviction and commitment.

“I give you a new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34.
The love of Jesus is new because of his generous love and respect for every person.

August 20.

“Wise men store up knowledge.” Proverbs 10:14.
Knowledge is a treasure that must first be sought after and then earned.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.” John 14:1.
Your convictions in Christ must be tested by your actions each day.

August 21.

“The lips of holy men silence hatred.” Proverbs 10:18.
Holiness is sincere effective love. Love stifles hatred.

“I am going to prepare a place for you.” John 14:3.
Whatever, whereever, we know it is as satisfying as Christ himself.
August 22.

“The prudent man has his lips under control.” Proverbs 10:19.
Prudence means you weigh the results for yourself and others before you speak or act.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” John 14:6.
The WAY leads to the Father, the TRUTH explains the details and the FRUIT is life eternal.

August 23.

“The lips of the judge man are running over with kindness.” Proverbs 10:32.
Because he is wise, prudent and holy, the words of the just man help everyone.

“He who sees me sees the Father.” John 14:9.
We can know who and what God is by the example of Jesus.

August 24.

“The lips of the just man are running over with kindness.” Proverbs 10:32.
Kind words spring spontaneously to the lips of a person who is sensitive to others.

“Whoever believes in Jesus will perform even greater works.” John 14:12.
This greater work is the effective power of Christian love.

August 25.

“Honest men have their own honestly as a guide.” Proverbs 11:3.
Self assurance is one of the rewards of a clear conscience.

“If anyone loves me he will keep my word.” John 14:23.
Obedience to the ideals of Christ is the only source of true love.

August 26.
“A city is built on the blessings of just men.” Proverbs 11:11.
By their lives, upright, honest, law-abiding citizens make a city liveable.
“Peace I leave with you as my final gift.” John 14:27.
Peace is the sum total of all the good things that man can share.
August 27.

“A gossip lets secrets out: A trustworthy man keeps his mouth closed.” Proverbs 11:13.
The gossip has a compulsion to reach every pair of ears he sees.

“I am the true vine.” John 15:1.
Jesus restored the fruitful productive vine that God wanted.

August 28.

“He who sows good deeds reaps a solid reward.” Proverbs 11:18.
Hours of patient practice and preparation are the only guarantee of a trophy.

“The branch that bears no fruit will be cut away.” John 15:2.
The lazy non-productive person is rejected by Christ.

August 29.

“He who misgoverns his house inherits the wind.” Proverbs 11:29.
Misgovernment by tyrany or indulgence is self-destructive.

“No one can come to the Father except through me .” John 14:6.
The only way to establish the family of man with God as Father is in Jesus.

August 30.

“Nothing shakes the roots of the just man.” Proverbs 12:3.
The root system hidden underground guarantees the life of the tree. So with the upright, considerate men.

“I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” John 14:11.
Jesus, as perfect son, manifests the Father perfectly.

August 31.

“A good wife is a husband‘s crown.” Proverbs 12:4.
But only the deserving king can comfortably wear this crown.

“I will not leave you orphans.” John 14:18.
Jesus, the perfect son, shows us who and what the Father is.

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